Announcing Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription

March 14, 2018

Current Dwarf Fortress Remote server setup procedure is as simple as it can be - just download a single package for your operating system, enter one command in the game console, and scan the displayed QR code with the iOS app. The server can also be easily set up on Linux using a Docker image or cloud-config scripts for popular cloud hosting providers.

Even being that simple, it still has to be done, i.e. you can't just download the app from the App Store on a mobile device and start playing. In rare cases, users may also have troubles connecting to their home computer running Remote server if both home and cellular network settings (as configured by service providers) are too restrictive.

Today, I'm excited to announce Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription - an optional service that provides access to a managed server running the game with Remote plugin and allows to start playing right after installing the app (and subscribing) with no additional setup required. Such server should be accessible from any network and will also help people having connection issues mentioned above.

It's possible to upload and download your saves at any time, even after cancelling your subscription, and this service is completely optional. Dwarf Fortress is a game by Bay12Games available for download free of charge. Remote server plugin will also always be free for installation on your own computer.

Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription will become available in Q2 2018. Leave your email on the new subscription page to get notified once that happens, or follow just @mifki on Twitter for updates.


What’s new in Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS 1.72

March 7, 2018

This update mainly contains small user interface fixes, but also may help users who were entering invalid server addresses and were incorrectly getting an "invalid password" message.


What’s new in Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS 1.71

February 1, 2018

This is a late announcement about new features available in the latest DF Remote app update which was released couple weeks ago.

The biggest change is support for manager orders conditions, which allow to automate a great deal of the fortress life.

Also, when searching for job types to create a new manager order, individual words will be matched instead of whole strings. This means you can type "smelt platinum" or even just "sme p" to find "smelt native platinum ore" job:


Digital Ocean pricing change – cheaper and faster Dwarf Fortress Remote servers

January 18, 2018

Digital Ocean is a great way to run Dwarf Fortress Remote server in the cloud — it's cheap, easy to set up, and provides decent performance, especially for newer players who don't have very big forts.

Recently I got wonderful news from Digital Ocean in my inbox. They've updated their pricing and doubled the amount of memory available on $5 and $10 plans. Also, apparently in the very end of the last year, they introduced a $15 plan with even more memory. Dwarf Fortress is single-threaded, so here I'm talking about plans with 1 CPU only.

So, current plans best suited for running Dwarf Fortress Remote server are the following:

Monthly PriceCPUMemory

The $15 plan is flexible and although I said that DF is single-threaded, it may make sense to have less memory but one core just for simulation and another one for everything else. More testing will be needed to find out what's actually faster.

Remember that by signing up using this link, you will receive a $10 credit — that's up to two months of playing Dwarf Fortress.


What’s new in Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS 1.70

January 10, 2018

Version 1.70 released today is a huge update that adds support for many Dwarf Fortress features there were not previously accessible via the app:

  • Hauling routes and minecarts
  • Stockpile/workshop linking
  • Designation priorities, marker mode, standard/marker toggling
  • Viewing kill lists for units
  • Outdoor access status for hives
  • Removing individual activity zone tiles
  • Viewing engraving descriptions
  • Checking/active/ready status info for manager orders
  • Choosing an image related to a historical figure for a job/order

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed pressure plate trigger configuration
  • Fixed some issues related to setting job/order details
  • Various UI fixes

Support for configuring manager order conditions didn't get into this release but will also be available in the next update soon.


What’s new in DF Remote server 1.11.3

January 6, 2018

In preparation for an upcoming big app update, new server update fixes activity/job titles shown for units in some cases, fixes issues with job/order details specification and shows the currently set image for a job/order.

Also, support for DF 0.40.24 has been removed, and support for 0.43.03 will be removed soon as well. If you're still using those and having troubles upgrading, feel free to contact support for help.


On Dwarf Fortress versions support in DF Remote

November 30, 2017

It looks like it's time to discontinue support for DF 0.40.24 in Dwarf Fortress Remote, and probably 0.43.03 if analytics shows that no-one is using it nowadays.

On the other hand, DFHack 0.43.05-r3 is now likely to be the last release of DFHack for 0.43.05, support for it will be added soon.

DF 0.44 is out now, with the biggest and exciting new feature is being able to send dwarves away from your fort to raid other sites, or recover people or artifacts. This is done using what before was Civilizations screen, which now also includes world map, news, known world artifacts, and missions sections.

As usual, I'm not planning to support this version officially until bug fixing is over for it and there's a stable release of DFHack. However this time I may consider adding experimental support once this new screen is reverse-engineered so that its functionality can be implemented in Remote.

November 23, 2017

Dwarf Fortress Remote 1.67 is now available, bringing support for iPhone X and iOS 11, and fixing number of other issues and crashes.


Bug fixes in the latest DF Remote iOS app (1.66)

September 25, 2017

The following bugs are fixed in the latest version 1.66:

  • Occasional crash if connection to server fails
  • Crash on unit info and workshop profile screen if unit has a certain skill level
  • Crash when touching traffic configuration row in designation menu
  • Crash when adding jobs in a workshop in some situations
  • Crash when upading minimum member count for a squad order in some situations
  • Failure to delete or modify squad orders in some situations
  • When viewing unit info from a workshop profile screen, info is shown for a wrong unit

Online 3D Dwarf Fortress map viewer

September 21, 2017

3D view is one if the "bigger" features (alongside sound effects, command bar/voice control, unattended operation and ████) that I ultimately want to add to Dwarf Fortress Remote.

Last year I've already experimented with 3D rendering of Dwarf Fortress maps ([1], [2], [3]) but then took a long break because I wasn't satisfied either with the performance or something else, don't remember. This month I started again from scratch and did things right, so there's more chance Remote will get this feature.

However there was also another part to that project - to make an online 3D map viewer/map archive, sort of a 3D version of DFMA. This is because mobile and browser/WebGL environments are somewhat similar - both are OpenGL ES-based and have constrained resources. Basically I can take iOS rendering code (shaders, mesh building), make just minor changes to convert C to Javascript, and then it works in browser.

So here it is -

You can export your map by copying/pasting a command from the page to DFHack console, or just upload a save if not using DFHack. In either case you'll get a link that anyone can use to view your fort in 3D. I've exported several community games as an example: Constructivory, The City of Air, Breadbowl.

This is a work in progress, some models are missing (namely most of the workshops and furnaces) but otherwise I'm quite happy with it. Obviously a modern browser with WebGL support is required, and right now it won't work on mobile devices becuase I need to support touch controls.