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Important information about upgrading subscribers to 0.44.12

February 22, 2019

UPDATE: Almost all (see below) subscribers have now been upgraded to DF 0.44.12.

I'm about to start upgrading subscribers to Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12 now. Sorry it took so long, I have discovered an issue affecting this upgrade and further version update processes, and had to find a solution first.

In order to perform the upgrade, you game will be saved and server terminated. The next time you connect, a server with DF version 0.44.12 will be started and you'll need to load your game manually. This will be done even for new subscribers already having version 0.44.12 to ensure everyone's servers are running the same code.

I have made backups of all saves and running games before the upgrade, please let me know as soon as possible if you notice any problems after connecting to your upgraded server. Also, some games are in a state in which it's not possible to save them (most comonly world generation and embark preparations) - they will upgraded once they can be saved.


Latest news

February 5, 2019

We've just released a major app and server update, and added support for Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12. Subscription users will be updated to 0.44.12 over the next couple days. I hope everything goes smoothly for them and for everyone else. If you have any issues, please let me know.

The new world map/missions screen added in 0.44.12 is not available in the app yet, it will be added in one of the usual app updates soon.


Demo fortress for new players

November 17, 2018

New server subscription players will now find a save in demo folder showing a typical small fortress in early game. It has essential areas and buildings constructed, labours and administrators assigned, and some production orders configured. Also, points added for many important locations around the fortress with some comments.

This is intended to show what Dwarf Fortress is like to new players. Still, studying a proper tutorial will probably be required to play though.

The same can also be downloaded from here.


3D map viewer and gallery for subscribers

November 1, 2018

This is the same 3D viewer I made long time ago and it's still not quite finished, but it's good enough to look at your fortress in 3D and share it with friends. The original viewer is still available for everyone, but now Server Subscription users have a gallery page with all their map snapshots, and also a button in the iOS app to save a snapshot. Links to view individual maps are public and thus can be shared with anyone.

The gallery has actually been available for some time now, so for those who already knew about it, the latest changes are the addition of previews and Delete button.


Server Subscription is now available

October 15, 2018

Server Subscription has now been available for several days already, I've fixed some glitches, thanks to the brave first users, so it's time for a proper announcement.

Server Subscription provides, well, a cloud server with Dwarf Fortress + DF Remote running on it. The price currently is 4.99 USD or a corresponding amount in other regions. A free 3-day trial is available.

  • No need to configure and maintain your own server, just download the app and start playing. Also it will help who were not able to set up a server at home due to their home and mobile network configurations.

  • You can upload and download game saves, even if your subscription expires. So it's easy to generate world, embark and start playing on desktop, continue on the go, and again on desktop when you're back home.

  • Additional online services. The first one to come will be an online 3D map viewer. The same as I've already mentioned which is available for everyone, but subcribers will have a gallery in their online account, a button to make a snapshot of their current game, and also a button in the app for that.

    Then, in no particular order: A plugin/command/tool to synchronise local games with online account. A way to play in the browser (like my old Web Fortress and not a custom UI like in the app). And some sort of a successive multiplayer support.

  • And last but not least, subscription users get updated and bug fixes faster because it's easier to investigate any issues I notice.

Subscription is an optional service that provides a pre-configured server with DF Remote. Remote server plugin will always be free for installation on your own computer. Dwarf Fortress is a game by Bay12Games available for download free of charge. Support them!


Announcing Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription

March 14, 2018

Current Dwarf Fortress Remote server setup procedure is as simple as it can be - just download a single package for your operating system, enter one command in the game console, and scan the displayed QR code with the iOS app. The server can also be easily set up on Linux using a Docker image or cloud-config scripts for popular cloud hosting providers.

Even being that simple, it still has to be done, i.e. you can't just download the app from the App Store on a mobile device and start playing. In rare cases, users may also have troubles connecting to their home computer running Remote server if both home and cellular network settings (as configured by service providers) are too restrictive.

Today, I'm excited to announce Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription - an optional service that provides access to a managed server running the game with Remote plugin and allows to start playing right after installing the app (and subscribing) with no additional setup required. Such server should be accessible from any network and will also help people having connection issues mentioned above.

It's possible to upload and download your saves at any time, even after cancelling your subscription, and this service is completely optional. Dwarf Fortress is a game by Bay12Games available for download free of charge. Remote server plugin will also always be free for installation on your own computer.

Dwarf Fortress Remote Subscription will become available in Q2 2018. Leave your email on the new subscription page to get notified once that happens, or follow just @mifki on Twitter for updates.


What’s new in Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS 1.72

March 7, 2018

This update mainly contains small user interface fixes, but also may help users who were entering invalid server addresses and were incorrectly getting an "invalid password" message.


What’s new in Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS 1.71

February 1, 2018

This is a late announcement about new features available in the latest DF Remote app update which was released couple weeks ago.

The biggest change is support for manager orders conditions, which allow to automate a great deal of the fortress life.

Also, when searching for job types to create a new manager order, individual words will be matched instead of whole strings. This means you can type "smelt platinum" or even just "sme p" to find "smelt native platinum ore" job:


Digital Ocean pricing change – cheaper and faster Dwarf Fortress Remote servers

January 18, 2018

Digital Ocean is a great way to run Dwarf Fortress Remote server in the cloud — it's cheap, easy to set up, and provides decent performance, especially for newer players who don't have very big forts.

Recently I got wonderful news from Digital Ocean in my inbox. They've updated their pricing and doubled the amount of memory available on $5 and $10 plans. Also, apparently in the very end of the last year, they introduced a $15 plan with even more memory. Dwarf Fortress is single-threaded, so here I'm talking about plans with 1 CPU only.

So, current plans best suited for running Dwarf Fortress Remote server are the following:

Monthly PriceCPUMemory

The $15 plan is flexible and although I said that DF is single-threaded, it may make sense to have less memory but one core just for simulation and another one for everything else. More testing will be needed to find out what's actually faster.

Remember that by signing up using this link, you will receive a $10 credit — that's up to two months of playing Dwarf Fortress.