SoundGrid has true 128 note polyphony

January 28, 2011
On iPhone 4 (and other latest devices) SoundGrid can perfectly play all 16 notes in all 8 layers with different instruments (128 stereo samples total) simultaneously with all 3 effects turned on for each layer. Load special grid I published in Shared Grids and try it yourself.


SoundGrid 3.30 & a new instrument: Steinway Piano

January 23, 2011
SoundGrid 3.30 is out. This is minor update with some UI fixes and one improvement related to musical scales.

Now list of possible scales to show in instrument selector is automatically determined from set of samples included in instrument packager. Scales definition file is updated every time user opens "Get More Instruments" menu. Also a new instrument is available - Steinway Piano. It contains 85 stereo piano samples from

Storing images in iDocument library

January 18, 2011

There are a lot of applications to manage and edit photos - iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture and others. But what if I need to organize and keep in one place images that aren’t actually photos and will never be edited? For example, wallpapers, scans, some random images from the web and so on. I couldn’t find good application for such needs.

But there’s very good app for organizing documents (iWork, PDF, Web Archives and others) - iDocument. It doesn’t allow to import anything except predefined list of file types. Luckily this list is simply stored in Resources/SupportFileList.plist file. So you can add any other file types into it and iDocument will handle them just like all other supported formats, with quick look, tagging (but synchronization with iPhone app does NOT work).

I wish they would add official support for more file types in future versions (images and ebooks at least, and get rid of external helper daemon btw) and maybe some very basic additional support for images (eg. image size in info panel).


Grooveshark Player for Mac

January 15, 2011
Grooveshark is a great service to explore and listen to new music as well as upload tracks from your computer to listen to them anywhere. However their desktop client is slow and constantly uses CPU even when completely idle (yes, it’s f*cking Flash/Air) while their new website is pure HTML and fast. So I decided to develop very small stand-alone application that actually just displays Grooveshark website and adds some useful commands to Dock menu. Note that this menu is only activated for users with paid subscription. More features to come in next versions.

Download Grooveshark Player for Mac UPDATE: Please check out our new application — omPlayer. It’s similar to Grooveshark Player but supports several other online music services along with Grooveshark.
December 20, 2010
Will at least the simplest things ever work in Linux right after clean install of a ‘stable’ release? (Xubuntu 10.10)
vit@vit-VirtualBox:~$ sudo apt-get install mc


vit@vit-VirtualBox:~$ mc
TERM environment variable needs set.

SoundGrid 3.2

October 19, 2010
SoundGrid 3.2 has been released. Not so many changes in this new version:
  • Layers scrolling in different device orientations fixed
  • Notes now played on touch even if the song itself is stopped
  • Support for copying recorded audio tracks to clipboard to use in other apps
SoundGrid on the AppStore

Browse and listen to Shared Grids in web browser

September 22, 2010

Great news! Now everybody can browse SoundGrid shared Grids and listen to them right in web browser! No iDevice required.

Just navigate to Sortable by date or user rating. Only Grids created in Song Mode are available.

Note: encoding process is taking place now, not all grids are available on the site yet, be patient. 


Duplicate shared Grids in SoundGrid

September 18, 2010
While SoundGrid users are free to download shared Grids, modify them to create their own Grids and share back, sometimes users publish Grids that exactly duplicate Grids shared by other users, either by mistake or intentionally. Sometimes even duplicate Grid gets better rating that the original one. This is obviously unacceptable. 

From now on there are two rules when sharing Grids:
  1. When publishing Grid that duplicate another Grid published before by another user, the new Grid won’t be published.
  2. When publishing Grid that duplicate another Grid published before by the same user but with different name, the old grid will be renamed without publishing the new Grid.
All already shared duplicate grids will be removed leaving only originals.

32/64 bit problems on osx

May 26, 2010

By default gcc on mac builds 64bit binaries. My app depends on Urbi and Player/Stage. Urbi depends on Boost, Player depends on Boost, Stage depends on Player and on FLTK. FLTK is 32 bit only!

Spent all the day trying to get all this shit to work.