On Dwarf Fortress versions support in DF Remote

November 30, 2017

It looks like it's time to discontinue support for DF 0.40.24 in Dwarf Fortress Remote, and probably 0.43.03 if analytics shows that no-one is using it nowadays.

On the other hand, DFHack 0.43.05-r3 is now likely to be the last release of DFHack for 0.43.05, support for it will be added soon.

DF 0.44 is out now, with the biggest and exciting new feature is being able to send dwarves away from your fort to raid other sites, or recover people or artifacts. This is done using what before was Civilizations screen, which now also includes world map, news, known world artifacts, and missions sections.

As usual, I'm not planning to support this version officially until bug fixing is over for it and there's a stable release of DFHack. However this time I may consider adding experimental support once this new screen is reverse-engineered so that its functionality can be implemented in Remote.