Eurorack-style modular synthesizer, fx, and playground for iOS and macOS which can be used standalone or in a DAW

Dwarf Fortress Remote

Native application to play Dwarf Fortress on iPhone or iPad

iOS application that allows to play Dwarf Fortress on mobile devices remotely with fully native user interface.
Plugin that revolutionized the game UI by adding multi-level rendering, support for separate tilesets for text and map, and ability to use more than 256 tiles for map rendering.
Play Dwarf Fortress community games in your browser. Development continued by other people.
View and share your fortress online. Easily export map with a DFHack script or just upload a save if not using DFHack.
Multitouch map scrolling on macOS.
A small tool to generate tilesets from any font. Primarily meant to create text tilesets for TWBT with a font you like.
iOS application to access Wikimapia - a collaborative mapping project with the aim to describe every location in the world.
Powerful yet easy to use matrix sequencer for iOS devices inspired by the revolutionary Yamaha Tenori-on instrument.
Similar to SoundGrid but has more performance modes and designed specifically for live performances.
An iMessage app that allows to create 3D voxel stickers.
Planito open-source
Lightweight and highly extensible online and offline multi-layered viewer for aerial imagery, maps, placemarks and other geospatial data layers.
Free minimalist web browser specifically made for online music services, with notifications and system-wide shortcuts.
Ports of C/C++ and C# compilers and tools to Pocket PC (later became Windows Mobile) platform allowing on-device software development.