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Digital Ocean pricing change – cheaper and faster Dwarf Fortress Remote servers

January 18, 2018

Digital Ocean is a great way to run Dwarf Fortress Remote server in the cloud — it's cheap, easy to set up, and provides decent performance, especially for newer players who don't have very big forts.

Recently I got wonderful news from Digital Ocean in my inbox. They've updated their pricing and doubled the amount of memory available on $5 and $10 plans. Also, apparently in the very end of the last year, they introduced a $15 plan with even more memory. Dwarf Fortress is single-threaded, so here I'm talking about plans with 1 CPU only.

So, current plans best suited for running Dwarf Fortress Remote server are the following:

Monthly PriceCPUMemory

The $15 plan is flexible and although I said that DF is single-threaded, it may make sense to have less memory but one core just for simulation and another one for everything else. More testing will be needed to find out what's actually faster.

Remember that by signing up using this link, you will receive a $10 credit — that's up to two months of playing Dwarf Fortress.