App Store behavioural facts

October 28, 2015
Fact 1. I almost always just skip all free (=with IAP =stupid) games featured on the front page.

Fact 2. Developers whose app for 3-5 yo kids sends push notifications “come play, I’m missing you” are idiots. Of course, any other push notification spam is bad, too.
October 24, 2015

The plan is to release Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS app the next month or two.


Military screens

October 22, 2015

Dwarf Fortress Full World Hi-Res Map

October 6, 2015
I’ve managed to export a high-resolution map of a whole Dwarf Fortress world (pocket-size). Unfortunately had to delete the last zoom level because it didn’t fit onto my server disk, maybe will redo another world on a bigger machine later. It also has all the sites marked. Here it is
August 25, 2015
Forgot to show several very important screens 🙂

Here comes a somewhat lengthy status update

August 15, 2015
I recently finished the work on starting new games and generating worlds, and a server view to handle some additional cases. As I said before, it’s currently intended for new players and other people who don’t care much about world generation and embark preparations, or situations when you want to start playing but can’t access your server any other way. World generation allows to specify the same parameters as the simple worldgen screen in DF, but you can’t view the world map after generation. Instead, you can read a short overview of civilisations and sites to know whether dwarves and other civilisations are alive and how many of them. When starting a new game, you will be able to set the same parameters as in the location finder in DF. Then you will get information about the first match (but without a map) and can either accept it or go to the next match. Later I will add embark location maps and probably ability to set more options, like to find a volcano. Reclaim/unretire options are also available. As for items/skills, for now you can either choose “Play Now!” or an existing embark profile, but can’t edit profiles or configure manually. Now I started to work on support for protecting the server with a password and some other connection-related improvements and fixes. Soon there will be a new test build, and I’ll return to the gameplay stuff, namely, military screens. Oh, also I started working on a new in-app help system. Originally I was going (and currently do on couple screens if you shake your device) to display articles from But they contain too many references to the original game UI (shortcuts, etc.) and usually are too long to read on a mobile device. So I’m taking the most important information from the wiki and creating shorter help articles containing instructions related to specific application screens on which they will be displayed. Don’t know how, though - I don’t like shaking the device, but don’t want to add a help button to each screen either.
August 4, 2015
Working on creating new worlds and starting new games in-app. In first versions it's going just to make it possible to create a world and embark somewhere - so that it’s possible to start playing on mobile but users wanting better control have to do it on desktop. Now I’m trying to provide at least some information about the generated world, and give more control over embark in the application. But I’m quite not sure what that information and UI should be, and also a lot of data about outer world is not easily available in DFHack, so this is taking longer than I expected. So, for now, after world generation I will show basic information about civilisations and, maybe, world map. For embark, I think, it will be like a finder in DF - you set desired parameters, and a random area satisfying your requirements will be selected. And the I’ll move to military screens, where I have better understanding, what to do. Also, fixed many issues and crashes I and other testers found.

Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS beta testing, reloaded

July 21, 2015

Last time I’ve chosen a bad platform to distribute beta builds of the app and had to remove the original post. The new platform is much better, and with the Stocks screen and other fixes it’s time to release a new version for testing.

A link to apply was here, more testers will be invited when new beta versions become available.

By the way, I’ve sent invitations long time ago to everyone who contacted me on the Bay12 forum and to other emails I had from the old platform, but most of these people haven’t even accepted invitations. If you’re still waiting, better check your old emails, or contact me again if there’s nothing.

You need to have iPhone 5 or later with iOS 8, ideally. 4S will work but some screens may not fit properly acheter viagra belgique. iPad is OK, but UI elements size and location not optimised for big screens. iOS 7 is supported, too, but almost untested.

Obviously you’ll need a computer to which you will be able to connect – depending on your ISP, your home computer may or may not be accessible from outside (which doesn’t prevent from playing on a couch of course). Some NAT configurations are supported but we’ll deal with this and required configuration in each case individually.

Keep in mind that there is unfinished stuff, bugs, and you need to have some DF/DFHack experience.