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Dwarf Fortress Full World Hi-Res Map

October 6, 2015
I’ve managed to export a high-resolution map of a whole Dwarf Fortress world (pocket-size). Unfortunately had to delete the last zoom level because it didn’t fit onto my server disk, maybe will redo another world on a bigger machine later. It also has all the sites marked. Here it is

omPlayer for Mac released

April 8, 2012
image omPlayer is a special minimalist web browser to comfortably listen to music from online music services. For supported services it lets you control playback from menu bar or from any application with global shortcuts and media keys, supports Growl notifications and scrobbling. For other services these functions will not be available but you will still enjoy its unobtrusive behavior. Currently supported services: Google Play / Music, Grooveshark, Pandora, Deezer

omPlayer is available on the Mac App Store


PicasaWeb image quality is awful

December 10, 2009
Had an idea to use PicasaWeb instead of MobileMe Gallery because it’s faster and several other reasons. But quality of ‘web-optimized’ images it generates and shows is really awful and unacceptable.

PicasaWeb on the left and MobileMe Gallery on the right, notice JPEG compression artifacts.