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SoundGrid is back on the App Store

June 9, 2019

SoundGrid was one of the first matrix sequencers for iOS, released back in 2009. I haven't updated it in a while (well, for many years, that is). Several times I was going to publish an update but never had time because doing it properly would require not just updating for the new devices and screen sizes, but also supporting inter-app audio, MIDI and other stuff that didn't exist back then.

Recently looking again at all the tracks people shared within the app and published on SoundCloud, I thought it would be a shame if all that go to waste. So I decided to make SoundGrid available on the AppStore again at least in its original form without any new features if I don't have time for them. And so I did.

Also here's an old playlist with some of the tracks composed in SoundGrid, more can be found using this search.


SoundGrid is to be revived

November 25, 2016

SoundGrid, one of the pioneering matrix sequencer apps, is being updated to support the latest devices and iOS versions.

It's been more than five years since the last release (oh, time flies!), and I'm still receiving emails from users enquiring about plans to fix the compatibility issues, so I decided that I should really do that.

The first release will bring mostly just an updated UI, and then I'll work on new features.

In the meanwhile check out the track Steve Ambient Trip Hop by Stevehat and other tracks published on SoundCloud under #SoundGrid tag.


SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! are now free

August 31, 2014
I haven’t updated my two matrix sequencer music applications, SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! for a very long time now, so I decided it would be fair to make them free until I release something new. Enjoy!

On the App Store: SoundGrid SoundGrid Live!

On the future of SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live!

July 7, 2011
In this post I want to address two questions users often ask now after the release of SoundGrid Live!.

First, I want to clarify that SoundGrid Live! is not a ‘next version’ of SoundGrid in regard to future development. This means that original SoundGrid will not be abandoned and both applications will be developed and supported further. Moreover, many new features of SoundGrid Live! will be added to SoundGrid in next updates as well. SoundGrid will be focused on programming melodies using eight patterns playing one after another (or in any order manually) - that’s so-called 'song mode’ which most of the users enjoy. While SoundGrid Live! is meant for live performances, it doesn’t have way to automatically play one block after another to create pre-programmed song but has more blocks, more layers and more performance modes. Second question is why SoundGrid Live! had to be separate application and not a free update to SoundGrid. The main reason for this is that some of new performance modes in SoundGrid Live! are incompatible with 'song mode’ of SoundGrid (and therefore with grid sharing too). So basically SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! being separate applications allows me to add features specific to each application without any limitations and keeping them simple and easy to use. As always, I’m open to any suggestions about new features of both applications.

SoundGrid updated to version 3.40

April 23, 2011
What’s new:
  • Bug fixes and major optimizations. 
  • Better support for musical scales. Edit Scales.txt file via iTunes file sharing to define your own scales. 

Deleting saved and shared grids in SoundGrid

January 29, 2011
From recent user review in AppStore I see that some users don’t know how to delete saved and shared grids and think that it’s impossible.

Of course this is possible - you can use standard ‘swipe to delete’ gesture in Load Grid menu to delete unneeded grids, and also in Shared Grids it’s possible to delete your grids the same way (you have to do this on the same device from which the grid was published).

SoundGrid has true 128 note polyphony

January 28, 2011
On iPhone 4 (and other latest devices) SoundGrid can perfectly play all 16 notes in all 8 layers with different instruments (128 stereo samples total) simultaneously with all 3 effects turned on for each layer. Load special grid I published in Shared Grids and try it yourself.


SoundGrid 3.30 & a new instrument: Steinway Piano

January 23, 2011
SoundGrid 3.30 is out. This is minor update with some UI fixes and one improvement related to musical scales.

Now list of possible scales to show in instrument selector is automatically determined from set of samples included in instrument packager. Scales definition file is updated every time user opens "Get More Instruments" menu. Also a new instrument is available - Steinway Piano. It contains 85 stereo piano samples from

SoundGrid 3.2

October 19, 2010
SoundGrid 3.2 has been released. Not so many changes in this new version:
  • Layers scrolling in different device orientations fixed
  • Notes now played on touch even if the song itself is stopped
  • Support for copying recorded audio tracks to clipboard to use in other apps
SoundGrid on the AppStore