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SoundGrid 2.0 released!

September 23, 2009
It’s been a long time since last version and now the wait is over. We have many great new features in 2.0: Redesigned UI and visual effects
To keep UI simple, elegant and attractive for novice users. If you have difficulties placing notes on the grid now you can enable assistance lines to make life easier. Song Mode
Few people use all eight available patterns because it may be hard to switch them while playing. In Song Mode filled patterns will be automatically activated one after another enabling you to create longer compositions easily. Also now you can touch pattern button twice to switch pattern for all layers at once; or to switch pattern and start from its beginning in song mode. Switchable musical scales
There are only 16 rows (notes) on the grid and much more keys on piano keyboard. And now you can select set of tones you want to be available on the grid. Recording
Now you can record audio files while playing. Then either easily upload tracks directly to SoundCloud or send by email as is or as ringtone More and more Sound Banks
Additional sound banks now installable from external servers. Either my official server or your own. Ratings for shared grids
Many new grids become shared everyday. Now you can rate them and best ones will deservedly be always on top when sorting by rating. New shared grids since last update now marked too. Other fixes and improvements
Many bugs were fixed and many things made better. One of them is improved (means reduced) latency and UI reaction. SoundGrid 2.0 on the App Store

Almost ready!

September 6, 2009


  • "Song mode"
  • Recording and export to SoundCloud and via email
  • Downloading additional Sound Banks
  • Redesigned visual fx
  • Much more
  • Ratings for shared grids

To do:

  • Switchable scales for Sound Banks
  • Export to MIDI file
  • Update help/tutorial (oh!)
  • Wrap everything up and release