July 12, 2011
Для успокоения себя подумай о шпагате: люди, которые садятся на шпагат не имеют проблем при ходьбе - ноги у них не разъезжаются, они ходят так же, как и все остальные.

On the future of SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live!

July 7, 2011
In this post I want to address two questions users often ask now after the release of SoundGrid Live!.

First, I want to clarify that SoundGrid Live! is not a ‘next version’ of SoundGrid in regard to future development. This means that original SoundGrid will not be abandoned and both applications will be developed and supported further. Moreover, many new features of SoundGrid Live! will be added to SoundGrid in next updates as well. SoundGrid will be focused on programming melodies using eight patterns playing one after another (or in any order manually) - that’s so-called 'song mode’ which most of the users enjoy. While SoundGrid Live! is meant for live performances, it doesn’t have way to automatically play one block after another to create pre-programmed song but has more blocks, more layers and more performance modes. Second question is why SoundGrid Live! had to be separate application and not a free update to SoundGrid. The main reason for this is that some of new performance modes in SoundGrid Live! are incompatible with 'song mode’ of SoundGrid (and therefore with grid sharing too). So basically SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! being separate applications allows me to add features specific to each application without any limitations and keeping them simple and easy to use. As always, I’m open to any suggestions about new features of both applications.

Kenn Neely about SoundGrid Live!

June 30, 2011
What an impressive app this is going to be. My over all review would be that this is a powerful tool for live as well as recorded performance. I noticed that simply entering notes is easier on this app and the overall UI is pretty easy to navigate.  Other similar apps seem very crowded on i phone screen, the space on this one is well thought out. As well all the extra free voices are amazing (most other apps charge for extra features)

I really hope this app puts mifki onto the main stream of cutting edge apps! kenn neely a.k.a. kennetik
Kenn is long-time SoundGrid and now SoundGrid Live! user. Check out his tracks including the ones created in SoundGrid here: http://soundcloud.com/kennetik61.

One way to import samples in SoundGrid Live!

June 9, 2011

Other ways include iTunes File Sharing and web interface. By the way, you can add MP3s (M4As, …) too and use them as background for your performance or somehow else.


Творческо-техническая депрессия

May 22, 2011

У меня. Не могу добиться равномерной резкости по всему кадру при проекции. Ладно, я смирился с покупкой только рамок со стеклом по евро за штуку. Но и это, почему-то, не решает проблему полностью.

То ли и в рамке со стеклом слайд немного выгибается. Что весьма странно, ибо его там вроде как хорошо сплющивает. Зато по характеру нерезкости подходит - выгибать-то как угодно может.

То ли это просто такой объектив проекционный у меня. Это был бы самый хороший вариант, ибо объектив я все равно собираюсь менять. Но тогда бы оно было по краям всегда бы нерезко и не подстраивалось бы, не?

То ли объектив или рамка криво сидит в проекторе. Это тоже решается новым проектором, хотя и сильно дороже. Но по характеру нерезкости это маловероятно.

В общем, не понятно, как лечить. Придумал только радикальное решение - приделать к объективу диафрагму, тогда должно стать везде резко. Но и темнее будет.

А на Эктар такие красивые картинки получаются.. И снимать легко. Но что мне потом с негативами-то делать…


SoundGrid updated to version 3.40

April 23, 2011
What’s new:
  • Bug fixes and major optimizations. 
  • Better support for musical scales. Edit Scales.txt file via iTunes file sharing to define your own scales. 

My next music application – SoundGrid Live!

April 18, 2011
As I promised, now I’ll tell you about my next music application that’s under active development currently. It’s called SoundGrid Live!.

As the name suggests, it’s member of SoundGrid family and is based on the same ideas, audio engine and user interface layout. The main difference - SoundGrid Live! is focused on live performance and recording. This changes so much that I had to develop it as separate application. And in turn this allowed me to made more changes, visible and internal, without worrying about compatibility. Here is an outline of the most important changes:
  • No ‘Song Mode’ to automatically advance from one pattern to another. Instead…
  • More performance modes. Each layer can be assigned one of 3 program modes and one of 3 manual modes independently. Some of them are similar to Tenori-on performance modes.
  • More layers and blocks. Number of layers increased to 9 and number of blocks (block is a set of currently active patterns, one per layer, switchable instantaneously) increased to 16. This allows to program twice more melodies (or maybe just variations of some parameters) to be switched between during performance.
  • Full support for musical scales. Any supported musical scale/octave can be set for any voice in case of pitched instruments.
  • Super-easy addition of user samples and voices. To add new pitched or unpitched voice just upload archived folder with some samples via web interface or iTunes file sharing - and it’s done.
  • Streamlined user interface. Many UI elements were replaced and optimized for convenient and fast live operation.
  • Improved audio engine. Performance greately increased on modern iOS devices. Support for background audio.
  • More sound effects. Unified place to store all reusable and exchangeable assets (patterns, layers, blocks and whole projects). Better mixer. Better recording (later). MIDI out (later). And more.
  • SoundGrid Live! will be released for iPhone, iPad and OS X.
Rather than giving any more details about new modes and other features, I will post very short demonstration videos from time to time until the release. Follow me on twitter, check tagged posts here and SoundGrid Live! home page.