August 4, 2015
Working on creating new worlds and starting new games in-app. In first versions it's going just to make it possible to create a world and embark somewhere - so that it’s possible to start playing on mobile but users wanting better control have to do it on desktop. Now I’m trying to provide at least some information about the generated world, and give more control over embark in the application. But I’m quite not sure what that information and UI should be, and also a lot of data about outer world is not easily available in DFHack, so this is taking longer than I expected. So, for now, after world generation I will show basic information about civilisations and, maybe, world map. For embark, I think, it will be like a finder in DF - you set desired parameters, and a random area satisfying your requirements will be selected. And the I’ll move to military screens, where I have better understanding, what to do. Also, fixed many issues and crashes I and other testers found.