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Dwarf Fortress Remote

Play Dwarf Fortress remotely on your iPhone or iPad with fully native user interface
optimized for excellent gaming experience and network performance
(Internet connection and a server to run the original free game or a subscriptionfree trial are required to play)

Dwarf Fortress is a free game by Bay 12 Games, support them!

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"Played Dwarf Fortress vanilla to get a sense of it, then started using DF Remote. Such an awesome improvement over the standard. Made the game loads more approachable."


"This is almost the best way to play Dwarf Fortress, period. It's by far the best way to play on a device that can't run the game natively. Except for a few features, this has everything you need or could want. Being able to use touch to navigate and select is in many ways far superior to the standard keyboard or mouse controls."


"This is so much fun. Even provides a Docker image for DF server so you can host in the cloud for free to cheap. "

Brandin Lubert

"This app is amazing. Anyone that loves dwarf fortress will love the ablity to use their iPad to play. All functionality is available in the iPad app and is very simple and easy to use. The tileset is fantastic and you can seemlessly switch between the remote and you PC to play. I this is a must have app for anyone that loves Dwarf Fortress."

Brick Neckon

"DF Remote is quite honestly an incredible thing that many people would probably have dismissed as not being possible. Instead not only is this a functional way to play DF, but it is a pleasurable way to play DF. It is also so far very well and quickly supported and as much as I imagine some folks would roll their eyes at the idea of DF as a casual/mobile game it totally works and is. Perfectly functional over wifi or cellular. I am now playing dramatically more DF and I couldn't be happier. My sincerest thanks to the developer."


"Shockingly once I configured DF on a server in my home every thing worked out great. A few UX components are a little awkward but I was surprised by how much I could control and play. Haven't hit any bugs but I'm sure they'll crop up. Hopefully development continues and this client gets better and better! Great job!"

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