SoundGrid Live! is a powerful matrix sequencer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad inspired by the revolutionary Yamaha Tenori-on instrument and suitable for professional musicians as well as for casual entertainment.

It is similar to the original SoundGrid application but has more performance modes and designed specifically for live performances.

No longer available

On the go, on stage, in a studio

Endless possibilities

Up to nine 16x16 matrix layers, 16 blocks grouping patterns across all layers. Six different performance modes: Sequence, Bounce, Queue (program modes), and Touch, Repeat, Hold (manual modes).

Support for background audio playback and for mixing with background audio from other applications.

Various instruments and effects

More than 20 instruments available for FREE with high-quality stereo samples. Any ZIP archive with samples of any length in any iOS-supported format may be imported as an instrument. In case of pitched instruments and properly names sample files, missing notes for the selected musical scale and octave will be automatically recreated.

Recording, export & sharing

Record your performances and export in uncompressed WAV format, send via email, upload directly to SoundCloud or copy to clipboard for further processing in other applications.

Adjustable master tempo, speed multiplier for each layer and loop length for each pattern.

Separate sound effects for each layer: amp envelope, delay and resonant filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch).

Unified asset manager to store and reuse various parts of your projects. Assets and recorded tracks may be exported and imported via web interface or iTunes File Sharing.

Perform, record, share

Below is a randomly selected track recorded in SoundGrid Live! and exported without further processing. Enjoy and reload the page for more.