Planito is your browser for planet Earth (and others). It is lightweight yet powerful and highly extensible online and offline multi-layered viewer for aerial imagery, maps, placemarks and other geospatial data layers for Earth, Moon and other planets.

In its simplest form Planito can be used as online and offline viewer for maps from OpenStreetMap project and satellite images. But there are many more layers available with interesting and useful data for travelers, students and teachers, scientists. Thanks to extensible architecture and seamless updates, more and more layers are becoming available to existing and new users.

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Layered display

You decide what information you want to see. Planito supports imagery layers (in Mercator or Equirectangular projection) and feature layers with placemarks, labels, polygons, etc.

Expore interesting places

Places To Look At From Above is a gallery of various places on Earth worth seeing from above, that is, on satellite images. Only one place is added every day and each place has a link to open it quickly in Planito or in other mapping services. Entire collection is also available as a layer in Planito.

Offline mode

Unlimited local cache size. Tile Downloader tool to download data for specified area and zoom levels for offline usage, supporting simultaneous downloading for different layers or areas.

Dynamic data

Planito supports layers with dynamic data (eg. current weather, real-time earthquakes, etc.) and will automatically update them.

Designed for Mac

Planito supports multi-touch navigation, Lion's full-screen mode.

High performance

Even with many active layers and tens of thousands placemarks, polygons or labels on screen you will hardly notice any performance decrease.

Powerful search

Instantly switch between available search services — OpenStreetMap for addresses, Wikimapia or Wikipedia.

Paste & Go

With this feature you can copy coordinates in various formats and links from popular web mapping services, and then paste them into Planito and instantly go to that location with just one shortcut.

Easy sharing

Own URL protocol to exchange links to locations. Planito will also open worldwind:// and ww2d:// links.

Multiple worlds

With Planito you can also travel to Moon and Mars.

3D mouse

Planito supports 3Dconnexion 3D mice for navigation.