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September 13, 2018

Looking at the new iPhone models which are now ALL bulky flawed unusable, I feel I need to buy several pre-iPhone X phones, and an iPhone SE while I still can. For a family that uses Apple devices only for more than 10 years it's a very sad day - seeing now for sure that Apple turns to shit, and there's no alternative.


App Store is fucked up

June 29, 2015
In good old times App Store on front page had sections like Noteworthy New Apps, Editor’s Choice, etc. Then it became Best New Apps and Best New Games (with “new” being very often just minor updates of well-known products) . Then games became first. And this week there are even no separate section for new apps - only Best New Games and Apps & Games at a Limited-Time Price. Of all things Apple invented/popularised there’s one special - In-App Purchases - which perverted entire mobile gamdev industry. And now App Store is unfortunately overflowed with and focused on stupid freemium games made by stupid developers for stupid people.