Patch management functionality overhaul in miRack 2.11

May 19, 2020

Another update while finishing the last bits for the upcoming AUv3 release.


  • This build overhauls patch management functionality. Instead of a system document browser and non-conditional autosaving, there's now a more desktop-like open/save/revert and duplicate/rename functionality.

    Don't worry, miRack still does auto-save your work, but the last manually saved patch version is also preserved and can be reverted to.

  • Support for custom patch templates. Just place a patch in Templates folder inside miRack documents folder and it will be displayed on the new Create Patch from Template screen.


  • Fixed a freeze when closing/saving patch on some of the newer iOS devices.

  • Fixed a crash when using miRack with Studiomux IAA host app.

  • Fixed trigger mode not preserved in Holonic Systems Gaps module (may also fix other rare cases of module parameters not being preserved).

  • Fixed mute and solo buttons not working in Squinky Labs Mixer-8 module.