Fix for Google Music support in omPlayer

June 25, 2013

Support for Google Music in omPlayer has been fixed. Please reload GM page twice in omPlayer giving it some time between reloads to download updated script.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to close omPlayer, remove folder ~/Library/Caches/com.mifki.omplayer and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, it seems that at least GM All Access now requires Flash being installed and enabled. If you see a message that you need to update Flash Player, go to omPlayer preferences, Advanced tab and check Enable Flash for Google Music.


Great changes coming to WikiPlaces

June 18, 2013
WikiPlaces is the only native application to access on the go on your iOS devices. In version 3.0 you will see updated UI, bug fixes and improved stability, direction you’re facing on the map, and most important, long-awaited full support for viewing comments and images!

Regarding recent WikiPlaces problems

February 28, 2013 is having problems with their API server (and seems with the website as well) once again, so WikiPlaces doesn’t show any places on the map. Please do not report this as a WikiPlaces bug in your reviews - I can not do anything. I hope team will fix this problem soon. UPD 28 Feb: Seems finished moving to new servers and so WikiPlaces app works again.

omPlayer for Mac released

April 8, 2012
image omPlayer is a special minimalist web browser to comfortably listen to music from online music services. For supported services it lets you control playback from menu bar or from any application with global shortcuts and media keys, supports Growl notifications and scrobbling. For other services these functions will not be available but you will still enjoy its unobtrusive behavior. Currently supported services: Google Play / Music, Grooveshark, Pandora, Deezer

omPlayer is available on the Mac App Store


Planito 1.20 is out!

January 30, 2012
Planito is your browser for planet Earth (and others). It is lightweight yet powerful highly extensible online and offline multi-layered viewer for aerial imagery, maps, placemarks and other geospatial data layers for Earth, Moon and other planets. Version 1.20 released today and here is the list of changes:

  • New modern UI
  • World now wraps horizontally
  • Two types of grids: coordinate-based and distance-based
  • Better detection and rendering of selected feature (under mouse pointer)
  • Overall progress of all Tile Downloader operations now is shown in dock icon
  • In layers panel number of currently active layers is shown for each active layer set
  • New search field, support for multiple search services (use search field menu to switch services)
  • Info about selected feature will now open on left click too
  • Chinese (Simplified) localization
  • Option to copy links to locations with http:// protocol prefix instead of planito:// so that they will be recognized as links on forums, etc.
  • Support for loading data in JSON format
  • Ability to select and show info about features with 3D mouse
  • Option to show marker/accuracy circle for current user location and center on current location (Alt+click location button)
  • List of web mapping services to open selected location in is now loaded from datasource configuration
  • Support for loading compressed datasource configuration
Under the hood
  • Many optimizations and bug fixes
  • Number of displayed placemarks/polygons/strings is not limited anymore (was 20000 limit), large number of placemarks now renders faster
  • Better support for links from various services in Paste & Go feature
  • Fixed minor problems with 3D mouse
Planito on the Mac App Store

“Лиц ищущих работу”

December 19, 2011

Электродепо “Печатники” Московского Метрополитена приглашает “лиц ищущих работу” на обучение по профессии…

Да-да, именно так, “лиц ищущих работу” - в кавычках и без запятой. Ну как вообще должен работать мозг, чтобы рождать такой стыд? Кому в метрополитене поручают писать тексты, что они всегда настолько ужасны?


Is this really what C++ templates were invented for?

December 15, 2011

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CZJ Sonnar 2.8/180 on Hasselblad

December 9, 2011
Finally I made an adapter to mount Sonnar 180 on Hasselblads with focal plane shutter. Focuses to infinity of course. Biometar 120 can be mounted too, not sure about wider lenses.

IMG_0310.jpg IMG_0314.jpg

What’s new in Planito 1.10

November 16, 2011

Attention! Local cache format was changed in this release and local cache will be recreated. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Option to correct distortion caused by plate carrée projection
  • Support for 3Dconnexion 3D mice for navigation
  • Added standard Cmd+F to show search panel
  • More formats supported in Paste & Go feature
  • Various fixes and optimizations
  • Support for downloading compressed data
  • Russian translation
November 13, 2011
Ради интереса добавился в приложение для перевода интерфейса Фейсбука. Думаю, переведу что-нибудь на досуге. Поражает, какое количество туда добавляется откровенно “PROMPTовских” переводов. Зачем люди лезут что-то переводить, раз совершенно не понимают языка? И, кстати, хотя сам процесс технически организован неплохо, но хороший перевод таким образом сделать проблематично. Даются отдельные фразы, часто вырванные из контекста, нет возможности посмотреть, где как эта фраза реально используется, а главное, сложно узнать, как подобная фраза уже переведена в другом месте сайта.