January 4, 2015
Standing orders, Stone and Status screens. Also, currently working on Animals screen, it turned out to be more complex than I anticipated.
December 24, 2014
New main menu, nicer top bar, and a short demo of issuing an attack order to a squad.

Bringing Dwarf Fortress to iOS

December 20, 2014
Haven't announced my new project here yet. After Text Will Be Text, Web Fortress and several other Dwarf Fortress-related tools, I'm now working on something really big. It's a native app to play Dwarf Fortress on iPhone (remotely, it's not a port of DF to iOS of course). Currently in early stages of development. Below is a bit outdated first public video of the new app, now I'm planning to post status updates more frequently here and on Twitter. Also some screenshots,  answers to questions and current (at the time of writing) status. At the moment I'm working on squads (done), standing orders and labour management interfaces.

omPlayer is now FREE

November 1, 2014

Due to the limitations imposed by Mac App Store sandboxing requirements that make it impossible to support keyboard media keys out of the box, omPlayer will now be distributed outside of the Mac App Store and is free.

omPlayer is a special minimalist web browser to comfortably listen to music from online music services. For supported services it lets you control playback from menu bar or from any application with global shortcuts and media keys, supports Growl / Notification Center notifications and Last.fm scrobbling. For other websites additional functionality will not be available but you will still enjoy its unobtrusive behavior.

Currently supported services: Google Play Music, Grooveshark, Pandora, Deezer, Rdio.

Download omPlayer from http://mifki.com/omplayer


SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! are now free

August 31, 2014
I haven’t updated my two matrix sequencer music applications, SoundGrid and SoundGrid Live! for a very long time now, so I decided it would be fair to make them free until I release something new. Enjoy!

On the App Store: SoundGrid SoundGrid Live!

WikiPlaces 3.70 released

April 6, 2014
I'm happy to inform that version 3.70 of WikiPlaces has been released. This update brings several important changes and new features:

New sharing feature allows to share links to specific place or location. Will share a link to open WikiPlaces application as well as a link to Wikimapia or mapping website for devices without WikiPlaces installed. Of course it's also possible to manually compose links utilising the new wikiplaces:// scheme. Bookmarks improved with ability to rename existing bookmarks and specify custom name when adding bookmarks, and with support for bookmarking arbitrary map locations as well as Wikimapia places. New details view is available for arbitrary map locations (ie., when you long-touch any point on the map) with options to view address, copy coordinates, add bookmark and share - just as for Wikimapia places. Other changes include improved user interface, especially on iPad, ability to navigate to Wikimapia place by specifying its ID in the search field, and various bug fixes.

Media keys support in omPlayer 2.0

October 25, 2013

Many of you have noticed that the recently released omPlayer 2.0 does not support media keys to control playback. That’s because of stupid MAS sandboxing requirements that the new version has to follow and that are preventing access to media keys.

But there’s a solution. I will provide separate component that brings back support for media keys to omPlayer. Just download and install omPlayer Helper package, relaunch omPlayer, and you will have media keys checkbox again on its usual place in omPlayer preferences.

Unfortunately, it seems that you will have to reinstall this package every time you update omPlayer. I don’t know of a better way to implement media keys support until Apple provides a way to access them from sandboxed environment (and I doubt it will happen).


On WikiPlaces, Wikimapia and API usage limits

August 1, 2013


Wikimapia.org is a great community project providing information about places all over the world you won’t find anywhere else. And for many years WikiPlaces has been the first and only native application to access Wikimapia on iOS devices. Unfortunately, Wikimapia API was very unstable and many times users were not getting any information in WikiPlaces and blamed me for problems I can not fix.

During these years I had several discussions with different Wikimapia. team members about WikiPlaces, their API, and possible cooperation. Many things were promised to me but always those people just disappeared.

This wasn’t that important until recently particularly because things like API usage limits didn’t work either.

With the release of new Wikimapia API that allowed to add support for viewing comments and photos to WikiPlaces, they also started to enforce API usage limits for “unverified” applications. I contacted Wikimapia team once again to discuss how to verify WikiPlaces but after couple emails they just stopped responding to my messages, as usual.


In WikiPlaces 3.0 users now can specify their own Wikimapia API key to be used instead of the shared one, and I encourage all users getting just a blank map in WikiPlaces to do this.

Just go to http://wikimapia.org/api?action=my_keys and create your own API key (Wikimapia account is required), and then enter it on advanced settings screen in WikiPlaces.

July 14, 2013
Самка кошенили в молодости присасывается хоботком к растению, сосёт сок и никогда не двигается с места; здесь же она оплодотворяется и кладет яйца; этим резюмируется вся история её жизни.