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Dwarf Fortress on iPad

March 28, 2015
Dwarf Fortress Remote on iPad is terrific. Many parts of the UI will need to be reworked though - more cool things are possible on a bigger screen and some existing elements are less comfortable. But iPhone is still the main focus - its UI will work on iPad even if suboptimal, but not the other way round.

Finished with the unit-related screen

March 10, 2015

Finished with the unit-related screens. Next is.. what was next.. server connection screens, look command and item info, and military.

Also experimenting with colours. Dark background allows to use DF colour schemes as is. But dark background in lists doesn’t look good with all the standard light UI, so everything needs to be made dark – something I wasn’t going to do.

March 1, 2015
Proper spacing between paragraphs improves legibility much compared to the original game screen.

Status update

February 20, 2015
And now to unit information screens, then game loading/saving, proper UI for connecting to servers, and finally, military screen. There will still be number of missing things (including world generation by the way), but at least it should be playable after that.

Also I need to update the server for DF 0.40.24, I’m still using 0.40.12 from the time I started the project.
February 11, 2015

Let's add some formatting so that it's not that painful to read...

January 28, 2015
Working on the units screen and all the stuff related to meetings with diplomats/liaison now.

Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS status update

January 19, 2015

Recently added:

  • squads menu (switching alerts, issuing move/attack orders)
  • standing orders
  • labour management
  • status screen - better overview, animals, stone
  • reports screen

Everything else:

  • designations
  • building and querying of almost all buildings. This includes job management in workshops, farm plot settings, stockpile settings, room creation and assignment to units and squads, and operations on items in buildings.
  • stockpile creation
  • nobles and admnistrators, although some things are missing here
  • wealth and food stores info on status screen
  • kitchen preferences
  • announcement display and announcements screen
  • manager screen
  • status screen - overview, kitchen prefs
  • trading and moving goods to/from depot, although some things are missing here as well