Storing images in iDocument library

January 18, 2011

There are a lot of applications to manage and edit photos - iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture and others. But what if I need to organize and keep in one place images that aren’t actually photos and will never be edited? For example, wallpapers, scans, some random images from the web and so on. I couldn’t find good application for such needs.

But there’s very good app for organizing documents (iWork, PDF, Web Archives and others) - iDocument. It doesn’t allow to import anything except predefined list of file types. Luckily this list is simply stored in Resources/SupportFileList.plist file. So you can add any other file types into it and iDocument will handle them just like all other supported formats, with quick look, tagging (but synchronization with iPhone app does NOT work).

I wish they would add official support for more file types in future versions (images and ebooks at least, and get rid of external helper daemon btw) and maybe some very basic additional support for images (eg. image size in info panel).