Status update & 3D view demo

March 16, 2016
A new version of Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS is available. It adds support for all levels of stockpile settings, and has a new status bar on top of the screen. The bar shows current z-level, number of idle dwarves, current date, unread combat/hunting/sparring report notifications, and siege alert. Also, I continued working on 3D view, and got acceptable performance and memory usage on iPhone, so this feature will be added to the application at some point. I was also thinking about a WebGL-based online map viewer, but so far the performance in browsers isn’t very good. Anyway, I think I’ll put it aside for now, as I need to get back to more important things from my big to-do list for the iOS app. And I wanted to try adding a sound system (using SoundSense sound packs).