On DF versions supported by Dwarf Fortress Remote

May 11, 2016
So, Toady released DF 0.43.01 today, which means 0.42.06 is the last build of the 0.42 version. There now will be several more builds of 0.43 after which I believe there will be a long period without new releases when Toady will experiment with 64 bits and new compiler. And, most importantly, we don’t know how long it will take to make DFHack compatible with these changes. Saves from 0.40 and 0.42 are compatible with 0.43, so I’m not sure if I will support 0.42.06 in DF Remote or just the last build of 0.43 if it’s finalised while I’m working. Ideally I wish I could drop support for 0.40 altogether because you can just upgrade and continue playing, but unnecessary complications with upgrade may upset some users. On the other hand, I was going to add support for DF 0.34.11 because there are lots of saves and community games not compatible with newer DF versions, and, well, to disable features that were not available in 0.34 is not that hard.