DF Remote aims to provide access to all game functions and generally has the same structure of screens to make it more comfortable for existing Dwarf Fortress players. However, at the moment some of the functions are not implemented - mostly they are advanced gameplay elements that will not prevent you from enjoying the game. Check the blog if you want to know once these functions become available.

DF Remote currently supports Dwarf Fortress 0.43.05 (64bit), 0.43.03 and 0.40.24.

Major Missing Stuff

  • Routes, hauling, stockpile-workshop links. Embark site location chooser is limited.


  • Designation priorities are not supported
  • [0.43] Job image specification is not fully supported
  • [0.43] Manager order conditions, per-workshop manager orders are not supported
  • [0.43] Engraving designation image specification is not supported
  • Embarks larger than 5 embark tiles are not supported
  • Other minor things here and there that should not significantly affect gameplay