DF Remote aims to provide access to all game functions and generally has the same structure of screens to make it more comfortable for existing Dwarf Fortress players. A few functions listed below are not implemented at the moment, which are advanced gameplay elements that will not prevent you from enjoying the game.

Follow @dfremote on Twitter or check the blog to know once these functions become available.

The following Dwarf Fortress versions are supported on all popular operating systems:

0.43.05 (64bit) · 0.43.03 · 0.40.24

Major Missing Stuff
  • Hauling (minecart) routes, stockpile-workshop links. Embark site location chooser is limited.
  • Designation priorities are not supported
  • Job image specification is not fully supported
  • Manager order conditions, per-workshop manager orders are not supported
  • Engraving designation image specification is not supported
  • Embarks larger than 5 embark tiles are not supported