Soon you will be able to download additional tilesets and color schemes right from the app. For now, you can install them by copying to the DF Remote documents folder using iTunes File Sharing.

Download, unpack and copy tileset-XXX folder to the DF Remote documents folder.

Afroby Afro
Default ASCIIby Toady One
Default ASCII - Squareby Toady One
Duererby HaterSkaterdiscussion thread0.40.24 only
GemSetby DragonDePlatinodiscussion thread
Grim Fortressby lightrowdiscussion thread0.40.24 only
Ironhandby Ironhanddiscussion thread
Jolly Bastionby Alexander Ociasdiscussion thread
Maydayby Mike Maydaydiscussion thread
MLC ASCIIby Milo Christiansen
Obsidianby Obsidian Souldiscussion thread
Phoebusby Phoebusdiscussion thread
Shizzleby MasterShizzle0.40.24 only
Simple Moodby Rogue Yundiscussion thread0.40.24 only
Tafferby Tafferdiscussion thread
Tergelby CowThingdiscussion thread
Wanderlustby Kynsmerdiscussion thread

Most tilesets also include matching creature graphics. Please see discussion threads for screenshots, information on included graphics and its authors.

You can install any of the color schemes you find by renaming the file (usually colors.txt) to colors-NAME.txt and copying it to the DF Remote documents folder.

Most of the tilesets include creature graphics. If you want to add more graphics sets, put their files (usually, a text file and a folder with images, or several of them) in a folder named graphics-NAME and copy it to the DF Remote documents folder.