Please report all issues you experience with Dwarf Fortress Remote

June 22, 2017

Recently I released several new Remote server plugin versions, and one iOS app update. They fix number of gameplay and stability issues (including a plugin crash when it's active for a very long time), and also improve error reporting so I can fix further problems faster.

However I ask users to report any issues they stumble upon using the built-in support/feedback functionality. Due to the complexity of the game, there's a lot of in-game situations that I've never seen when playing or testing myself and which may also be impossible to recreate at will.

So if you open any screen, and the data can not be loaded or something doesn't work, please report this (I basically will need to know what was happening in the game and what you were doing in the UI), and with enough information I will likely be able to fix any such issue within a day or so, and make DF Remote a better experience for everyone.