miRack learning materials

December 20, 2019

Below I collected some links to tutorial videos that should help beginners to get started with miRack and modular synthesizers in general. This is just the first batch, the post will be updated.

Tutorials by Electronicsounds Audio

Very good quality beginner-friendly tutorials starting with miRack operation and basics of modular synthesis and moving to advanced topics. New videos added regularly, so the list here may be incomplete.


Tutorials by SoundForMore

The same, great regularly updated tutorials, focusing on individual modules and features of miRack.


Tracks by Ben Zangri

Many of these are not tutorials, but the patches are shown in videos and are simple enough to give an idea how to make generative music and/or use certain modules. See the playlist for more videos as only the ones with descriptive titles are included below.


Tutorials by Omri Cohen

Omri specialises in creating VCV Rack tutorials (as well as hardware modular and music creation), so some of the modules shown in videos may not be available in miRack, but definitely see his channel for great modular synethesis content. Below are some of the tutorials explaining individual modules that can easily be followed in miRack.