A touchscreen for Tinker Board / miRack

May 26, 2018

A touchscreen for my Tinker Board arrived today. It's a 7" screen with 1024x600 resolution and multitouch. Good thing about it is that it's just one slim board, and just a HDMI connector and a USB connector for touch and power (no separate driver board or power connection).

So first of all I tried miRack on it, and it works quite well. There are some things that need to be sorted out for comfortable operation, like scrolling lists by dragging (for module browser), enlarging some UI elements, and tweaking plug position when connecting wires so that you can see where it is behind a finger. And then comes multitouch, support for which seems to be a mess in Linux, an which is not supported neither in the current Rack UI code nor in GLFW framework it uses. So I don't know how long it will take.

Multitouch is required at least for scrolling and zooming the patch, however I was also thinking about having a dedicated hardware joystick.