Planito data sources and data formats

October 13, 2011
Planito is designed to support loading and displaying data from various sources and in various data formats. It uses one internal data format plus different pluggable Providers to load (or maybe generate) data and transform it to internal format if needed.

In the first version there are providers to fetch any data from remote server (in case it is already in internal format), to fetch images from WMS server, and to transform XML data using specified XSL transformation. Last one is the most important since it allows to display geospatial data from any source that provide it in XML format just by specifying appropriate XSLT code in configuration file. In next versions we will add more providers to support other common file formats for geospatial data. Also currently Planito is limited to loading its configuration (ie. description of layers) from single place (our server). This limitation will be removed as soon as all internal and configuration file formats are finally determined and documented. In the meanwhile anybody can send us information about interesting data sources for inclusion into official layer set.