Planito 1.20 is out!

January 30, 2012
Planito is your browser for planet Earth (and others). It is lightweight yet powerful highly extensible online and offline multi-layered viewer for aerial imagery, maps, placemarks and other geospatial data layers for Earth, Moon and other planets. Version 1.20 released today and here is the list of changes:

  • New modern UI
  • World now wraps horizontally
  • Two types of grids: coordinate-based and distance-based
  • Better detection and rendering of selected feature (under mouse pointer)
  • Overall progress of all Tile Downloader operations now is shown in dock icon
  • In layers panel number of currently active layers is shown for each active layer set
  • New search field, support for multiple search services (use search field menu to switch services)
  • Info about selected feature will now open on left click too
  • Chinese (Simplified) localization
  • Option to copy links to locations with http:// protocol prefix instead of planito:// so that they will be recognized as links on forums, etc.
  • Support for loading data in JSON format
  • Ability to select and show info about features with 3D mouse
  • Option to show marker/accuracy circle for current user location and center on current location (Alt+click location button)
  • List of web mapping services to open selected location in is now loaded from datasource configuration
  • Support for loading compressed datasource configuration
Under the hood
  • Many optimizations and bug fixes
  • Number of displayed placemarks/polygons/strings is not limited anymore (was 20000 limit), large number of placemarks now renders faster
  • Better support for links from various services in Paste & Go feature
  • Fixed minor problems with 3D mouse
Planito on the Mac App Store