How to update Dwarf Fortress version in a Docker container?

This article explains how to update Dwarf Fortress version if you have Dwarf Fortress Remote server running in a Docker container, for example from 0.43.03 to 0.43.05. The idea is to create another container and set it to use data volumes from the original container, and then delete the original container.

Make sure to save your game before proceeding.

If you started DF Remote in a container manually, use the following commands. This assumes your existing container is called oldname, and you're using the default port number.

docker pull mifki/dfremote
docker stop oldname
docker run -dtp 1235:1235/udp --volumes-from oldname mifki/dfremote
docker rm oldname

If you have a cloud server configured using instructions at, then the container name is always df1, and also an option is added to restart the container in case of failure.

docker pull mifki/dfremote
docker rename df1 df1-old
docker stop df1-old
docker run --name=df1 --restart=unless-stopped -dtp 1235:1235/udp --volumes-from df1-old mifki/dfremote
docker rm df1-old