Three ways to follow the development and/or get involved

May 7, 2016
I've set up a dedicated Twitter account @dfremote to post changelog for the Dwarf Fortress Remote server plugin, iOS application and in-app help. Between application releases with major changes, I keep fixing issues I encounter in the plugin and working on help articles, but usually the changes are too small to mention in the blog. Now you can follow @dfremote to know when something is fixed, or check it to know what's new in the plugin update that the application is offering to install. I'm also sharing the Dwarf Fortress Remote Roadmap. It is a part of a huge to-do list I’m using during development, just without minor and internal/not publicly interesting items. And last but not least, I remind that the in-app help is hosted in a public repo on GitHub. Anyone can help to improve it by submitting pull requests.