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Three ways to follow the development and/or get involved

May 7, 2016
I've set up a dedicated Twitter account @dfremote to post changelog for the Dwarf Fortress Remote server plugin, iOS application and in-app help. Between application releases with major changes, I keep fixing issues I encounter in the plugin and working on help articles, but usually the changes are too small to mention in the blog. Now you can follow @dfremote to know when something is fixed, or check it to know what's new in the plugin update that the application is offering to install. I'm also sharing the Dwarf Fortress Remote Roadmap. It is a part of a huge to-do list I’m using during development, just without minor and internal/not publicly interesting items. And last but not least, I remind that the in-app help is hosted in a public repo on GitHub. Anyone can help to improve it by submitting pull requests.

Status update

May 5, 2016
Just a quick update to let you know that a new version of Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS with multilevel rendering, UI improvements and few other things will be submitted to App Store in the next few days after final testing and screenshot making. I’ll make a detailed post about the changes closer to the release. After that, I will work on supporting DF 0.42, probably other missing screens and features, and sound. Support for 0.42.06 is a priority, however I’m sure Toady will release another version or two while I’m working on it, so we’ll see what version will be considered stable and worth supporting by that time.

Multilevel rendering is coming to Dwarf Fortress Remote

April 12, 2016
Multilevel rendering, well known to users of TWBT plugin, is coming to Dwarf Fortress Remote app. Also I’ve improved appearance of the top status bar and announcements, along with other UI tweaks.

Status update & 3D view demo

March 16, 2016
A new version of Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS is available. It adds support for all levels of stockpile settings, and has a new status bar on top of the screen. The bar shows current z-level, number of idle dwarves, current date, unread combat/hunting/sparring report notifications, and siege alert. Also, I continued working on 3D view, and got acceptable performance and memory usage on iPhone, so this feature will be added to the application at some point. I was also thinking about a WebGL-based online map viewer, but so far the performance in browsers isn’t very good. Anyway, I think I’ll put it aside for now, as I need to get back to more important things from my big to-do list for the iOS app. And I wanted to try adding a sound system (using SoundSense sound packs).

Experimenting with 3D rendering for Dwarf Fortress Remote

March 4, 2016
Experimenting with 3D rendering for Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS. Ultimately I want to add a 3D viewing mode to the application - intentionally not as fancy as Armok Vision, but rather fast and with simpler graphics. It’s early experiments as you can see, so have no idea, whether I will succeed and when.

Dwarf Fortress Remove 1.13

February 20, 2016
Submitted an update for Dwarf Fortress Remote to App Store. It contains improvements to Status/Animals screen (it now shows vermin), ability to assign work animals to units. Spatters are now listed on the unit inventory (now Inventory & Spatters) screen, and some other bugs are fixed.

I’ve got a lot of useful feedback recently from several players. First, right now I’m working on making all levels of stockpile settings available in the app. Then will add C/H/S notifications for unread combat/hunting/sparring reports, option to show number idle dwarves, maybe also current date and happiness. All this will likely lead to main view UI changes because I was also going to provide quicker access to all query/look modes other than cycling through them with one button.

An issue with marking goods to be moved to a trade depot

February 7, 2016
An issue has been reported with marking goods to be moved to a trade depot. The fix requires application update so it will take some time for the new version to be approved. In the meanwhile, I will fix it temporarily on the server side. This fix will allow items to be marked for trading, but distance shown on the Move Goods screen will be wrong. The next application update will also have support for assigning work animals to units, and several crash fixes. As for the issues that require only server update to be fixed, they are being fixed as soon as they’re automatically reported to us. In the last few days there were fixes related to look mode, unit assignment to buildings/zones, points/notes, and applying uniform to entire squad.
January 27, 2016
Workshop profiles.

I’ve made some fixes to the networking code, so that more users should be able to connect to their home servers over Internet in the next version. Also, thanks to ReplayKit on iOS 9, you will be able to record and share gameplay videos. Who will start making "Let’s play Dwarf Fortress on iPhone" first?