Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS beta testing, reloaded

July 21, 2015

Last time I’ve chosen a bad platform to distribute beta builds of the app and had to remove the original post. The new platform is much better, and with the Stocks screen and other fixes it’s time to release a new version for testing.

A link to apply was here, more testers will be invited when new beta versions become available.

By the way, I’ve sent invitations long time ago to everyone who contacted me on the Bay12 forum and to other emails I had from the old platform, but most of these people haven’t even accepted invitations. If you’re still waiting, better check your old emails, or contact me again if there’s nothing.

You need to have iPhone 5 or later with iOS 8, ideally. 4S will work but some screens may not fit properly acheter viagra belgique. iPad is OK, but UI elements size and location not optimised for big screens. iOS 7 is supported, too, but almost untested.

Obviously you’ll need a computer to which you will be able to connect – depending on your ISP, your home computer may or may not be accessible from outside (which doesn’t prevent from playing on a couch of course). Some NAT configurations are supported but we’ll deal with this and required configuration in each case individually.

Keep in mind that there is unfinished stuff, bugs, and you need to have some DF/DFHack experience.