Application version 2.12 and other news

May 14, 2019

Dwarf Fortress Remote for iOS version 2.12 has been released. This update fixes a crash when trying to change settings of a siege engine building. Also you can now configure how many announcements are visible at the bottom of the screen at once and how fast they scroll. And lastly, it fixes a problem on iPads where the game is not paused when you navigate away from the map screen to other screens (this could have caused random issues because of the game state changing when it's not expected to).

Now on to the other news. As everyone probably heard by now, Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam with enhanced graphics and professionally made tileset. This means big changes both for TWBT and for DF Remote. Hopefully the game will have all of the TWBT features out of the box so the latter won't be required anymore, which is good as I lately didn't have enough time to work on in anyway.

For DF Remote it's a bit more complicated. Obviously, it will need to be updated for all the internal graphics-related changes in DF code. But also all the same graphics features will have to be added to DF Remote application so that it does not look any worse than what people get on desktop (which so far was a simple thing to do). I won't be able to use the official tileset as it will only be in and for the paid Steam/ version, and I don't expect there to be as many community tilesets as there are now if the official one will be good enough. So a new tileset will have to be created specifically for DF Remote.

It's still a long way until it all happens, but already I feel it's time to improve both graphics in the application and its user interface.

First of all, DF Remote application will get most of the remaining TWBT features it doesn't yet have. This includes "multilayered" rendering where item, building and unit tiles have transparent background and rendered on top of the floor tiles instead of replacing them. And also the ability for items and buildings to have certain parts of their tiles not affected by their material colour (in other words, pillows always stay white and weapons on weapon racks don't get wooden colour). I decided not to implement full support for TWBT overrides but the will be a lot of fixes and additions to the tileset (meaning the default Spacefox tileset).

As for the user interface, I started with improving usability in iPad, but then implemented what is going to be the main change - a fully configurable map screen UI. All of the buttons and menus that appear on the map screen will be described in an XML file, so that they can be repositioned, removed, or new buttons and menus added. If you ever wanted to move stuff around or to have extra buttons to quickly open certain screens, switch to certain designation mode or place certain buildings - you will be able to add them.

Another UI addition is "shortcuts" - buttons for frequently used building actions that appear next to OK/Cancel buttons when a building is selected. For example, to lock/unlock a door, pull a lever or to resize a room without opening a full building information screen.

Last but not least, I do remember that the world information/missions screen is still unavailable, and I am working on it too.